Automatically schedules your tasks in your Calendar
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Simplicity and elegance combined
Scheduling options have been combined with the nicest and smoothest task list ever created
Enhance teamworking
Choose who shares your organizations and set up your tasks into projects. Check your collaborators' schedules and workloads.
Set ambitious goals
Parkinson's law state that a task expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Timeflow allows you to keep control over your productivity by setting ambitious durations.
Single-tasking expert
Meet your deadlines with peace of mind. Just work on one thing at a time as Timeflow will schedule it for you. You dont’ have to suffer multitasking anymore.
A fully automated time manager
Timeflow automatically fills your calendar with your tasks according to their priority, duration and your working hours.
Always have your workload in mind
You know at all times what each day is dedicated to by you and your collaborators.
Manage your time spent on tasks
Timeflow allows you to set the date from which you work on the task, the way it is broken down into chunks in your agenda and its priority.
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